Addiction of fishing

This page is dedicated to the addiction of fishing



It make s me wonder why we become addicted to fishing? Is this addiction of fishing based on when we first went? What age was it? Is it based on whether we actually caught any fish or is it some genetic DNA thing? It is definitely  research for a rainy day.

It’s Always Best to Target Your Species

Below are some of the best species to target. Great fighting and eating.

Bonito (“Bonnies”)

credit gfaa for image

great fighting.
the first fish to ever bust me off on a Kmart reel mid 80s. A traumatic psychological injury I must say.

Yellowtail Kingfish (“Kingies”)

Like a living torpedo. Better be ready when you hook up.


If you are into serous fly fishing I’d recommend a session with Justin D @  Sydney Fly Fishing.  The other day my brother and I watched Justin with 3 customers flicking at Bonnies and Kingies.  Gotta say I was a bit envious of their technique as I kept casting heavy poppers in their direction in hope of a random hit.

Until I next update this page, tight lines fellow addicted fishoes!



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